Get to Know Mrs. Godin!

By: Stefanie Chow

Room 213 at East Greenwich High School was recently cleared out, but a new occupant has arrived. The newest addition to the English department is Mrs. Godin, a long-term substitute. She has taught at numerous middle schools around the state, primarily in Providence and North Kingstown. She has a love for not only teaching, but for English as well. “I knew I wanted to teach English, because I’ve always been an avid reader,” the Mrs. Godin shared. However, her decision to become a teacher was also due to the perks that she receives, such as having weekends and school vacations. This time off is very important to her because she is able to use it for both family time and traveling. She is able to see her family in Louisiana or travel to places like Saint Thomas, where she visited most recently, and her dream is to one day visit Thailand. In fact, when she was in high school, her family hosted numerous foreign exchange students, one of whom was Thai. This inspired her dream of traveling to the country one day.

However, this foreign exchange student is not the only person from Mrs. Godin’s high school who affected her current decisions. In fact, the teacher that she took over for, Mr. Penza, taught at her high school when she attended there. Although she never had him as a teacher, her brother did. And she remembers him the same exact way as he is now: Very energetic and personable, always with a large iced coffee in his hand, and very popular among his students. However, she claims that this cup always had a Dunkin Donuts label on it, while it is well known that Mr. Penza is currently a loyal Starbucks customer.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Godin is a firm believer in breakfast for dinner, with cereal being her favorite meal. Her personal dish? Honey Nut Cheerios with some bananas, blueberries, and strawberries tossed in. In her free time, she enjoys running, spending time with friends, and playing with her five dogs – all of them mini dachshunds. This includes Luna, Estelle, Mabel, Posie, and Wiz (who can be seen walking around with his wheelchair that consists of a cart on his hind legs). She also shared something that all students should know about their teachers: her biggest pet peeves. These include students forgetting to write names on their papers or sticking gum under desks. However, Mrs. Godin revealed that if there is one thing she would like all her students to know, it is that it’s okay to feel uncomfortable when trying new things. “Those are the times that you learn the most about yourself,” she admitted. Because of this, she encourages all of her current students, Mr. Penza’s past students, to support him as he goes on his newest adventure. Mr. Penza is clearly a beloved teacher who will be missed at EGHS, but it is clear that the community will continue to give him support at his new school. “We English teachers have to stick together,” she proudly stated.

In the meantime, Mrs. Godin is both excited to teach high school and take over for Mr. Penza’s classes. She has really enjoyed her first couple weeks at EGHS. “You guys have been great,” she declared.

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