Future Careers: A Detective’s Eye

By Alana Modi

Take a second to look around. To take in all the things that surround you. Anything that has an affiliation to you and your personality. Even the way that your backpack is layed on the counter may be a clue. A follicle of hair may have drifted off your head as you walked through your house. The current layout of your room could solve a case for good. The little, seemingly insignificant aspects of our lives, the ones that are overlooked everyday, always play a role in the big picture. Without them the big picture has no ability to exist. 

A forensic detective is someone who has the ability to collect evidence from a crime scene and put together a puzzle no civilian could understand. This is a high stake career. One wrong move and an innocent man pays for a crime he has not committed. One wrong move, and many innocent lives could be taken. As soon as evidence, even a sliver of information is uncovered, a detective must start to build the puzzle without hesitating. It takes long hours, support, and an observant mind to be a forensic detective, a job that is overlooked everyday. A total of 15,498 murders took place in the year 2018. Thousands take place but we only hear about a handful. It is the detectives who make sure that every innocent life is saved. They must try to find ways to outsmart a criminal who may hold twice the intelligence. 

Two of the more well known jobs requiring extreme dedication and intelligence that we hear about are those of a lawyer and doctor. A forensic detective is really both careers in one. These people must be able to use the biology aspect to analyze evidence, like a fingerprint on a cup. On the other hand these people work extremely close to the law, seeing where every criminal went wrong and the possible consequences they will face for doing so. A forensic detective may be a combination of such prestigious jobs, but never get the same recognition as them. 

Such a severe job in our society is never celebrated and it is this job that keeps us all safe in our daily lives. Forensic detectives must be celebrated for the work and deserve a chance to shine on stage instead of staying behind the curtains where the audience is unable to see the people behind the end result. As each case is closed one bow should be taken to commend them for their work. Nothing less than a standing ovation should be expected and these are people who deserve all the recognition they get and more. Would you ever want to be a forensic detective?


Alana Modi

Alana is a freshman, graduating in 2024. Her favorite book is Out of My Mind, and she likes writing about people’s personal ideas and opinions on things and interviewing them to get their scoop on various topics. Alana believes it is important to see other perspectives and grow from other's ideas and experiences.

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