Five Outdoor Activities for When You’re Bored

By Erin Culf

It’s a well-known fact that those of us who are summer-minded individuals get increasingly stir-crazy as March fails to bring the 50 and 60 degree weather we (however irrationally) consistently expect. Behold! A temporary cure in all things unabashedly explore-worthy close to home. Feast your eyes on the little gems of Rhode Island you’ve likely neglected to visit.



Do yourself a favor and visit Norman Bird Sanctuary. Its frozen lakes and wooden bridges give way to beaten down paths that span the entire park, twisting through the forest with offshoots into the lush patches of dead bushes and baby pines. While the trees may not have many leaves this time of year, the birds are still active, especially snowy owls and other large birds of prey, perfect for birdwatching out of the back of your car or picnicking with blankets and tubs of soup and mac ‘n cheese.



If you forget your picnic, or neglect to bring one in the first place, a berry farm is located 5 minutes down the road. This farm sells cider, homegrown berries, and snacks, and is honestly just an interesting place to walk around in.


Seas, stars, interstate highways, anything that moves can yield an impressively colorful and spellbinding result. For those who are interested in photography, this night-long experience can result in some of the most beautiful shots you’ve ever captured. Set up camp with a friend in the dunes or Goddard Park on a clear night and prepare for the most productive all-nighter of your life.


North Smithfield

Pull up in your mom’s minivan with a trunkful of friends (or the capacity to enjoy your own company) and popcorn to the wide, overgrown patch of asphalt spanning the area in front of the wide white movie screen. Set your radio to 89.1 FM and listen to whatever you end up walking in on. Rustic opens in April, which is a ways away, but it gives you something to look forward to! And a reason to clean your car.


Providence (West Side)

A community art studio for high schoolers (this means you), New Urban Arts is open on weekdays from 3-7pm during the school year, and offers free workshops for those creatively inclined. After a form and an orientation are completed, students are free to wander about the studio as they please, trying out new materials and meeting new people and mentors. New Urban Arts is an incredible opportunity for young artists to meet new people and gather inspiration to create and experiment with their work. Being “fiercely student-led,” NUA demands that you employ your own creative processes as you go through the beautiful motions of artmaking, and is capable of bringing artists’ integrity to its peak.


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