Film Review: Aquaman

by Baya Ginsburg


We all know the story of Aquaman. Half man, half fish, and all king. Son of one of the Queens of Atlantis, his half-brother, Orm, has taken over his throne and is planning on killing all of the land-dwellers. And what a surprise, Aquaman is the only one who can stop it. With all of this going on, the movie manages to fit in not one, but two love stories. Now, this movie gets a pretty good rating with a 94% of people liking it, and an okay rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with a 65%. Now, in my opinion, this movie is full of cheesy, predictable moments and it was almost as if you could tell every move that was going to be made before it even took place.

We start off the movie with Aquaman’s father rescuing Queen Atlanna, a queen of Atlanta (an extremely clever and unique name) after she ran away from an unhappy marriage, and they end up falling in love. They have a baby, and after some years, she is found and dragged back to her world. And may I ask, how are we expected to believe she takes years to be found when she literally lives in a lighthouse next to the ocean? But of course, the movie has to allow enough time for her to carry and raise a baby. Nuidis Vulko, the king’s advisor, then steps in and raises Aquaman, teaching him how to swim, breathe, talk, and fight underwater. But does Aquaman have difficulty doing any of these things because he is a half-blood? No, of course not. He can do everything perfectly on and off land because why not.

Then, the daughter of King Nereus, Mera, comes to Aquaman to get him to stop his brother King Orm and reclaim his rightful throne. And guess what? Surprise, surprise, they fall in love. But this comes a bit later. In the meantime, Aquaman tries to fight his brother for the throne and loses. So, they try a different route and go off to find a map that will lead them to the Trident of Atlan that will control all of the animals in the sea. How does this trident manage to control all sea creatures? We never find out. They end up finding the map and head over to where the trident is located, after managing to fight off several enemies. One includes a man whose father was killed by Aquaman, which is overall pretty irrelevant to the plot. After speaking with the creature who guards the trident, Aquaman finally obtains the it after being deemed “the one true king.” Yes, a half-blood can talk to aquatic animals while not even the full-bloods can.

So, Mara and Aquaman face off against King Orm with hundreds of animals on their side. Instead of trying to get the other side to surrender, Aquaman immediately starts senselessly killing the soldiers, which usually is not exactly what a hero would do. Finally, the armies surrender, and it all comes down to a second match between Aquaman and King Orm, only this time above water. To no one’s surprise, Aquaman defeats him, but ends up sparing his life, refusing to kill him. Then Queen Atlanna returns to her old lover, and everyone is happy. The human race is saved and everyone’s love stories works out.

Now, the ending isn’t too bad, but the main problem is with Aquaman winning the one on one fight. This man only wins because of his superior trident and the fact that it is on land. He can only win with the most powerful trident in the world, but couldn’t with the trident his mother had. Which was very well made, since it was specifically made for a queen. Aquaman spent years training on how to fight in and out of water, meaning he should have been able to hold his own against King Orm, especially since he is older and more muscular, meaning he is stronger. King Orm was simply the better fighter and Aquaman had no right to declare himself king based off of only this fight.

Cliche and predictable, this movie was honestly quite boring. The graphics were cool and the animals were pretty, but other than that the plot was unoriginal and not very thought out. The movie is definitely not the most terrible I have ever watched, but it did not live up to the hype. It was quite disappointing. I found many faults within this movie, and was not worth the almost fifteen dollars and two hours I spent on it. If I were you, I would just wait until it came out on DVD.