EG’s FBLA Chapter is Heading to Nationals

In previous articles, the Spectrum staff has noted that the mock trial team is to be recognized as the best-dressed group in the high school. Now, however, it seems they have some competition. Some may have noticed there is a new group walking the hallways in professional attire. This dapper crew identifies as the East Greenwich High School Chapter of Future Business Leaders of America.


Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is an organization that has gained recognition nationwide for its work preparing students for the professional world. The organization allows for high school and college students to develop their professional skills, and gain experience in real-world situations. Each year there are a variety of conferences and a statewide competition where members from all different schools compete for a chance to be invited to the national competition.


After a lengthy hiatus, the East Greenwich Chapter was reconstituted this year with the help of Mrs. Page and a few determined students. They spent months preparing for the competition and on March 2nd, Colin Cianciolo, Elizabeth Dowding, Matt Durant, Robert Durant, Zing Gee, Kip Hallagan, Zack Johnson, Eamon Keenan, Brendan Kelley, Paul McAndrew, Emily Miga and Natalie Sangster spent the day at the Johnson and Wales Campus competing. The group participated in a broad range of competitions, including sales presentations, management decision making, impromptu speaking and securities & investments.


A few weeks later, the group met again with members from around the state for the results of their competitions. Natalie Sangster commented: “We knew we felt good about our performances, but, being new, we had no idea what we were up against, so we just had to wait and see what happened.” They were shocked to find that they had placed in every competition they had entered, and in 9 out of the 14 competitions they had entered, they had placed either 1st or 2nd.  


Now, the chapter is focused on the National Competition. While half of the group will not be able to make it to nationals, Matt, Robert, Zack, Eamon, Brendan, Paul and Emily will be traveling to Atlanta, Georgia on June 27th. There, the students will spend a week competing alongside thousands of students from across the nation, broadening their network and expanding their skillsets.


They have also been putting their professional skills to use, reaching out to companies for sponsorship. With these donations, they’ve already managed to raise nearly half of the money needed for the competition.


We wish the students the best of luck with their competition this summer and will be sure to follow up with them.