EGHS Track: The Upcoming Season

By: Amanda Dronzek

Following a full sweep for the cross country team, EGHS indoor track is taking the floor for the Avengers. With senior captain Bryn Shunney leading the girls team, Codey Theuralt leading the boys team, and head coaches Ken Topalian and Mike Thibodeau, their season is starting off strong. I had the pleasure of interviewing Bryn Shunney about the upcoming track season and she gave me a lot of insight into what goes on once cross country comes to a close.

To begin, Bryn said cross country and indoor track are two very different things. Cross country is all about being the best of the best, winning everything they can possibly win. One of the main goals of indoor track is meant to keep the runners in shape for the offseason; since they all run together year round, it’s a lot more enjoyable. The track team is smaller than the cross country team, but it’s constructed of equally elite runners. With just as much dedication and persistence as XC, the Avenger track team has been able to beat their competition in the suburban division. Bryn also claimed track has a lot of team bonding like pasta dinners and secret Santa that make the sport more relaxed and enjoyable. Bryn’s favorite part of track is either the 1K or doing the relays. Relays usually consist of 4 runners, but for EG, they choose 3 experienced runners and toss in someone who usually doesn’t run relays. In the end, it all works out and they experience great success in that part of track and field. This year, the track team has gained a new coach who is the assistant coach for outdoor track as well. With a new coach and a new team, Bryn and Codey are up for a brand new challenge. Following in their footsteps are juniors Jessie Martin and Logan Shunney along with Jack Lombardi to lead the team when the seniors go. For many of the runners, indoor track is a nice change of pace from the consistent running of cross country. As practice has begun, the Avengers have started back up again better than ever hoping to continue their winning streak in order to clinch another championship for EG.