EGHS Spirit Week 2022

By Mary Murphy

Photo Credits to Lauren Reikhrud

Another year, another Spirit Week, but this year seems a little different. After time spent in masks and social distancing, this year we could all unite through our boundless spirit, without those limitations. Everywhere you looked, there were people embracing the day’s themes in their unique ways, and the smile that was brought to everyone’s faces. Spirit Week is a fun time to have some change from the strict routine of the six-hour school day.

Karina Reikhrud agreed with the above statement and said, “It gives everyone an opportunity to connect with one another through laughs and smiles and silly costumes, instead of daily school mundanities.”

Additionally, The Student Council did a fantastic job developing themes that would spark conversation, involvement, connectivity, and fun. They wanted to have a good turnout and for all of the positive qualities of Spirit Week to really come alive this year. The themes for the 2022 Spirit Week were as follows:

Monday- N/A

Tuesday- Adam Sandler Day

Wednesday- Grease vs. Greece

Thursday- Anything But A Backpack Day

Friday- School/Grade Colors

To put an end to the amazing week, the Student Council (along with help from others) put on a fun and entertaining pep rally on Friday in the upper gym. Each grade decorated its own corner, joining together to showcase its pride. Events such as sack races, egg cracking competitions, musical chairs, and a spectacular performance from the cheerleading team were all great additions to Spirit Week.

For a lot of students, this year’s pep rally was their first one. Freshman, Allie Falcon, summarized her excitement for the pep rally by saying, “The pep rally was so much fun because it was my first one and my first glimpse into the high school experience.”

This year’s Spirit Week, along with the unity it brought to students, their peers, and school staff is definitely one that students of EGHS will never forget.