Day in the life: Perspective of a Hybrid Student

By Dorothea Bianco 

Books and materials lined up in the front of the school for Full-Distance learners.

The students of East Greenwich Highschool who have been hybrid learning these past few months know the reality of what school looks like. But what about parents and full distance learners who haven’t experienced these new routines? I am here to bring you a snapshot of what school is like- Covid Edition.

The biggest change for everyone is the classroom dynamic. Whether you are at home or in person, school has been a series of constant adjustments. In person, classrooms are only half full because of A-K, L-Z  schedule rotation. While this leaves many empty seats where our peers used to sit, it also gives the classroom environment a more personal approach to learning.

Students working on an assignment outside.

When students first enter the classroom, there are disinfecting wipes for them to clean the desks off. It is strongly suggested for students to do this before and after entering class. Another thing that is different this year than most is how assignments are distributed. Instead of paper assignments, access to most tasks can be found on Google Classroom, an online tool.  Google Classroom has been a helpful resource for both teachers and students when it comes to organization of schoolwork.

When the weather is nice, many teachers opt to have classes outdoors. The band teacher, Mr.Carniaux, enjoys holding some of his lessons outside where students can practice together in small groups or perfect their technique on their own. Many students also have lunch outside with friends while enjoying social time from a safe distance.

Students eating lunch on the EGHS turf field.

But, as the weather slowly turns, students are beginning to eat in the upper gym, or the cafeteria where there are desks spread six feet apart from each other. The inner courtyard is also a prime spot to have lunch, do school work, or take a much needed mask break.

EGHS Cafeteria with desks six feet apart to ensure students’ safety.

Maria Bianco, a sophomore at East Greenwich Highschool says that she uses the courtyard multiple times a day and is very happy that students are now able to use it to its full potential this year.

Student completing work socially distanced while outside.

Our teachers, facility, parents and students have all worked together tirelessly to make our school experience as normal as possible given the circumstances. A huge shout out to school staff, administrators, and everyone else doing their part to keep our community safe! You are the reason we can still go to school in person, even if only half-way.

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