By Courtney McMullen

Staff Writer

Crocs. The nike free run of 2015, comfortable yet chic. Recently the East Greenwich Field HockeyIMG_5283 team has brought back this retro trend. They can be seen sporting these crocs down the halls of EGHS as well as on the turf before a big game. These plastic hooves are practical in every situation. They can even be worn in more than one way. Straps down for some exhilarating adventures, or straps up for a more relaxed style. Whether a casual stroll, or a lap around the track, crocs are versatile fun for all ages.

These wonderful porous shoes can be jazzed up with jibbitz. Jibbitz come in every shape and color, providing each individual croc wearer to show their true colors. Queen of the jibbitz and sophomore field hockey player, Claire Burbridge states, “Crocs really pushed me out of my shell and helped me become the confident young woman I am today.” Claire’s bright pink Crocs can be seen with Jibbitz in almost every hole.

image1Crocs are on the packing list for every trip no matter the destination for Emma Schambers, head of the Croc revolution, as she shares, “Crocs are so versatile. I have splashed around in them at havasu falls in the bottom of the good ole Grand Canyon. I can bring them anywhere.” Emma plans on bringing her Crocs to college with her next year in hopes of sharing her love for these hole punched clogs with her new friends.image2

If you thought that Croc-wearing season was over, due to the approaching winter, you’re wrong. If you are worried about the cold winter air rushing to your feet through these holes, it is time to invest in Crocs with fur. This luscious fur will protect your feet and keep them warm all winter. Olivia Harrington supports the fuzzy crocs, saying, “Although you might think fuzzy crocs are only valuable in the winter, I rock my fur crocs year round.” Olivia is seen in her light pink crocs no matter what the temperature.


A classic insult one may get while wearing Crocs is  “WHAT ARE THOSE?” However with high self esteem and passion for spreading this trend one will quickly learn how to ignore the hate. Senior Emily Black has coped well with the hate, living by the motto, “If you’re tough enough to rock the crocs, you can take the hate.” Not only did crocs bring bright and colorful happiness to the field hockey team it really brought us together. If you are looking for a place to spend $34.99 you can not go wrong with investing in a pair of these. See Emma for her friends and family discount code.

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