Covid Valentine’s Day

By Mara Oancea and Grace Clark

Every year, the time of year comes around for couples to flaunt their love to the rest of us. However, whether single or in a couple, the very premise of being with your friends or significant others is put at risk this year. The fancy restaurant you usually go to might be shut down and the options for going out at all have been chopped in half. No, an eighth! 

With that, it’s important to leave that negative perspective. First of all, it’s much easier to avoid cheesy couple stuff if you don’t want to see it, and it might even be easier to stay in and make fun of what you have at home. 

Here are some examples of some CoValentine’s Day date ideas:

  1. At Home Restaurant

While pretty self-explanatory, this gives the restaurant experience… with a twist. Cook for your s/o or cook together, play music, and play fun music. Even if you are not that good at cooking, it’s always fun to try and even if it fails, you can have a romantic, fancily set up uber eats dinner together.

  1. Virtual tour 

Do you still want to see the fun venues you used to go to but due to COVID they are closed? Well if you do, a virtual tour is perfect for you! Websites like give you the feeling that you’re driving around these amazing places – France, Spain, California, Hong Kong, etc. and you can travel the world via computer.

  1. Game night 

It might sound boring, but if you and your s/o really like to be competitive – take out the board games, video games, card games, etc. and maybe put some money or other rewards on the table to raise the stakes.

  1. Love letters 

This is more of a long activity – on Valentine’s Day, if you cannot hang out or simply earlier before you do, send an old timey love letter, maybe with stationary or fancy cursive writing, to make your s/o feel like they’re in The Notebook. These can go on for weeks between you two and you can kind of make a joke/fun out of it.

  1. Movie marathon 

A classic. Binge watching is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and I am sure you guys enjoy it too. Go through Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Star Wars, Euphoria, etc. with your s/o and make fun movie snacks and cuddle while you watch them together.

  1. Scavenger hunt 

Meeting you was a blessing, and that is where the next clue is resting”

This is just an example of one of the many relationship based clues you can use to bond and test your partner during a fun scavenger hunt. Everyone loves a little thrill, and a hunt around town or around the house can give a cute walk down memory lane.

  1. Make some food

During times like this, a restaurant may not be the safest place to go. However, this does not mean that you can’t indulge in a delicious meal and what is more romantic than making dinner together. Prepare something you know both of you will love, and dress up just as you are going out. This idea also works over zoom or facetime if you plan on having a socially distanced Valentine’s day, just cook the same meals and eat it over zoom.

  1. Couples Makeshift Spa

Perhaps you had a nice spa day with cucumber masks and jacuzzis planned out for a romantic Valentine’s day retreat, but don’t give up yet. A lot of the fun and relaxation can be made right at home – not necessarily at the same level, but couples massage, face masks, and more can give the at-home experience and romance a real spa would.

For all you single ladies out there, happy GALENTINE’S DAY! Here are some fun filled ideas for you are your BESTIES!!!!

  1. Baking Competition 

While couples can definitely do this one, embrace the holiday by making smaller heart shaped (or not) cakes together and decorating them. This can expose the sous chefs and artistically challenged in your friend group and is sure to be fun, not to mention getting to eat and share cake.

  1. Fashion Show

While you’re with your besties, it might be sad for some recently out of relationships or for those who really want one. This is sure to take their mind off of it – dress up like you are going out to party or going to fashion week, remake pinterest outfits, thrift prom dresses, and a bunch of other things to see the outfits you can produce and who pulls it off best.

  1. Order takeout 

While not necessarily Valentine’s Day driven – everyone loves takeout. From chinese food to pizza, you guys might have different tastes – order all of it and have a taste of every culture!

  1. Slumber Party

Get in matching pajamas, have a pillow fight, binge watch movies, and more. 

  1. Self Care Night

Embrace your inner and outer beauty with  a self care night – do face masks, exfoliate, and skin care. Have fun with your friends and leave with glowing skin!

  1. Decorate

Remember in 5th grade when your class would pass around little valentines to every person. Take this chance to embrace that spirit, crafting funny or cute valentines and giving them to friends/each other. Along with that, you can decorate your room with heart and Valentines Day decor.

In conclusion, it is pretty easy to make the most out of what you have and have a great Val/Galentines Day!