Class of 2023 Class Council Elections

By Dorothea Bianco 

As many of you may know, the freshmen Class Council elections were held during the weeks of September twenty-second until October sevenths. The spots that needed to be filled were: Present, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Historian, and Social Chair. During  the weeks leading up to the elections, the candidates worked to make their voices and opinions heard through campaigning. One of the most popular ways to do this was by creating Instagram accounts, a modern way to connect with the student body that would be electing them into office. Their Instagram accounts consisted of pictures with catchphrases attached, pictures with both candidates, and funny memes that corresponded with the messages the competitors wanted to get across.  Another advertising tactic used by the candidates was giving out pencils and cookies, which not only helped campaign for their cause but also showed their appreciation for every student willing to participate and vote in this election. The applicants were instructed to submit their speeches in video form via Gmail and Instagram. The videos contained information concerning why the particular candidate wanted to run, what they were planning on changing for the class of 2023, and how they were planning on funding and advocating for their plans. The journey came to an end on October 7th with the voting forms that were to be filled out within twenty-four hours, while the candidates anxiously waited for the results. It was a close call for many of the positions, and all the candidates that ran did a fantastic job campaigning and proceeding throughout the whole journey with excellence. At the end of the day, results came in. The new class of 2023 Class Council representatives are as follows: Guy Sanchez as President, Riley Gopalakrishnan and Ava Simpson as Vice President, Grace Clark and Robert Brooks as treasurer, Giada Gloria and Nia Chan as secretary, Allie Butterfield and Melis Kocak as Social Chair, and Pyper Smith and Mia Schenenga as Historian. Congratulations to all the candidates who won! The student body of the 2023 class is looking forward to the new and exciting changes that are in store for us. 

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