How the High School Has Changed in the Past Four Years

By Haley Essington


Freshman year doesn’t seem too long ago for most of us in the senior class – we can all still remember our first homecoming, our first football games, and our first big, scary final exams. But freshman year suddenly feels like ancient history when we remember it was the year of the harlem shake, Miley and Robin Thicke’s scandalous VMA performance, and, most notable and tragic, the year the Jonas Brothers broke up. Feel old yet?

Back then, it seemed like we had all the time in the world to take whatever classes we wanted, join every single club in the school, and have the perfect high school experience. Now the years have closed in on us, with our summers suddenly filled with jobs and senior project work and responsibilities stacked upon our shoulders. Things that seemed important when we were 14 years old are now trivial, and things like college applications and the next chapters of our lives that once seemed far in the future are now looking us in the eyes. This daunting reality provides excellent perspective on how things have changed over our time here. Not only has immense change taken place within all of us individually during our time here, but our school environment has also evolved with us.

The most obvious change that’s taken place during the past 3 years at East Greenwich High School has been the implementation of new technology, our beloved chromies. They have allowed us to use new online tools and resources in and out of the classroom, everything from watching animations to help visualize difficult concepts to online textbooks and taking notes on Google docs. The creation of .egsd emails for each student has connected the school, making it easier to organize clubs and activities, and collaborate on group projects.

New start times this year have also altered the school environment, granting us more time in the morning to sleep or get up and have breakfast and finish homework. However, it’s been a hard adjustment for some, especially students who have away sports games or jobs right after school that are now difficult to get to on time. Avenger traffic patterns now clash with commuter traffic in the morning, making driving to school even more annoying than it was before.

The atmosphere of the school in general has taken shape into something quite unlike what it was when my class entered as freshmen. Walking into the pep rally being scared of flying batteries is no longer a reality for underclassmen, and small acts of kindness and compassion are appreciated for everyone to see on Twitter.

So let this be a challenge to the class of 2020. How can you inspire and create change in the next 4 years of your life? What will teachers and faculty speak about at your graduation? You have your whole high school career ahead of you- make amazing things happen.

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