Changes To AP Classes

By Alana Modi

Over the last few years, AP classes have seen many changes, some evoked by the pandemic and others caused by some totally different reasons. After getting information from many AP teachers at EGHS it has been clear that each of them has seen something occur during their years teaching. 

After hearing from Mr. McPartlin, who teaches AP Microeconomics, AP Macroeconomics, and Big History, it was clear that the number of students who take AP classes does not equal the number of students who take the AP test at the end of the school year. This is a trend that Mr. McPartlin has only seen an increase over the past few years.

“The AP test costs $100 to take,” said McPartlin,” and with a passing grade it can offer up to 3 credits causing students to save around $6000.”

He wants to encourage students to take the exam which can save them a lot of time and money in the future. The mentality of investing in the present to save in the future is a good one to have. 

Ms. Driscoll, another teacher who facilitates AP Psychology and AP US History, expressed how even with the challenges we faced in the previous year with the pandemic, the College Board made very few changes. The overall curriculum of the two classes she teaches had almost no variation and the only change she did witness was that her AP Psychology class took their exam online, compared to on paper. 

Overall it is clear that the College Board tends to keep their classes very similar from year to year, also helping us see the consistency and fairness they try to portray with their program. Most students are likely to have many of the same experiences after taking an AP class for this exact reason. There have been a few shifts in the actions of AP students, but no drastic changes to the curriculum or changes in other areas have been seen. 

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Alana Modi

Alana is a freshman, graduating in 2024. Her favorite book is Out of My Mind, and she likes writing about people’s personal ideas and opinions on things and interviewing them to get their scoop on various topics. Alana believes it is important to see other perspectives and grow from other's ideas and experiences.