Brant Wei: Polymath

By David Amirsadri

As the world becomes increasingly specialized, the wisdom of renaissance people becomes all the more necessary. Drawing upon a vast reservoir of knowledge is a skill worthy of merit– and more useful than ever. The story of Brant Wei proves that such people still exist among our ranks. It is a story of someone who took academic challenges in stride, all the while remaining an enthusiastic learner. It is the story of someone for whom learning never ends, opening countless pathways.

Entering East Greenwich High School, Brant knew that he was an academically-focused student. A resident since sixth grade, Brant was familiar with the town’s rigorous academics– something he was eager to delve into. “I wanted to do well academically, and to go to a good college,” said Brant of his freshman-year aspirations. Despite sharing goals with many of his peers, Brant’s emphasis on learning outside of the classroom distinguished him. More than a chore, intellectual pursuits were a passion. This enthusiasm spilled over into extracurriculars– Brant cherished every moment of his involvement in the school’s Academic Decathlon Team, Math Team, and Model UN chapter. 

In addition to excellent didactics in the logical-algorithmic side of education, Brant credits EGHS with inspiring a love for creativity. These two sides of life– seemingly disparate– complemented each other perfectly. The humanities, visual arts, and cinematic arts would captivate Brant, becoming a source of inspiration for him throughout his time in high school. “I became a better writer, and I became more creative. I even took books to film– surprisingly enough!” said Brant of his high school evolution. In particular, he credits Books to Film for inspiring his current passion for cinema. “Before taking that class, I had seen maybe ten movies. I got to meet a lot of creatively minded people, and watch some more films afterwards.”

Our conservation quickly shifted to a vigorous discussion of films and books. “Have you read All Quiet on the Western Front?” asked Brant, barely containing his enthusiasm. “You should most definitely read it,” he exhorted, “I’ve been telling everyone how great the book is nonstop!” Brant recounted the finer points of the Erich Remarque classic, which detailed the endeavours of a German soldier during WWI. He recounted other novels he favored– venerable titles like The Great Gatsby and The Brothers Karamazov–as well as his taste in films– Forrest Gump, Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, among others. Speaking to Brant, one quickly gets the sense that they are dealing with a person of culture and refinement– traits the world is starved of.

For Brant, the future lies at New York University’s venerable Stern School of Business. An aspiring student of accounting and finance, Brant desired a career that he could delve into immediately after completing his bachelor’s degree. “I really like NYC. It’s a really nice place– I love the architecture, and there are a lot of attractions,” Brant noted of his soon-to-be home. New York also offers something else that Brant craves: perspective. “Perspective is important, because there’s a lot of overconfidence in East Greenwich. There’s this whole world of wisdom that I wasn’t aware of.” Noting the achievements of his eventual peers, Brant, bewildered, recounted their achievements. From researching mathematics at Johns Hopkins University, to studying CRISPR technology at Stanford, this group brings talent, intellect, and drive to NYU. Brant eagerly anticipates collaboration with this extraordinarily diverse group of students.

We can’t wait to see the things that you’ll do! Carpe diem– seize the day, and make your life extraordinary!

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