Beach Clean Up

By Dorothea Bianco

The Beach Clean-Up Club, run by Emma and Anthony Burnett- Testa had their first clean up this previous Saturday, November 14th. The clean-ups take place at Chepiwanoxet Point roughly once a month from 10-12 am. Because of COVID-19, there are limited spots for the cleanup. This week’s participants were Gigi Giuliano, Allie Fay, Miranda Swartz, Emily Golding, Kendall Stearns, Chloe Euston, Sofia Barnes, and Christian Stange. Although picking up trash might not seem all that enjoyable, it can be fun with friends and gratifying too! Kendall Stearn, a junior at East Greenwich High school says “There was a lot of litter from people who visited the beach and also a lot that had washed up on the shore. We are trying to clean up the environment and help wildlife too!” It is always important to take care of the earth and pick up after yourself. We thank the excellent work of the Beach Clean-Up Club and our environment does too!