Avengers’ Revenge

By Gigi Giuliano

Pictured is the Avengers playing Lincoln in an earlier regular season game.

On Saturday, November 17 at Rhode Island College, the East Greenwich Girls Volleyball team defeated Lincoln in a nail-biting game. However, for most of the players, this was not just a regular game. This was revenge. The Lincoln Lions were the only team to ever defeat the seniors in the regular season. EG had been undefeated in the regular season for three years until they were robbed of this title by Lincoln, who they went on to play in the championship. After that regular season loss, the girls practiced even harder, preparing for the day they would face Lincoln again. When they did, it was on Lincoln’s home turf. However, the Avengers did not let this intimidate them and got their revenge by winning that second regular season matchup. The championship was the time that they could show Lincoln who was boss.

They fought tooth and nail and ended up bringing home the victory, but it was tough. In the first two sets, Lincoln looked unstoppable, winning with a score of 25-15 in the first set and 25-19 in the second set. They thought that EG’s fate was sealed, but the girls and the fans refused to give up. After a few cheers of the EG Rumble, our momentum was back. Shocking the Lincoln players and fans, EG won the third set with a score of 25-19. Suddenly, Lincoln was not so confident. The crowd went crazy when EG won the fourth set, 25-19. This was now a fight for their lives with the score tied 2-2. EG gained a quick lead, and the future looked bleak for Lincoln. Once they stopped EG’s serving run, they made a comeback. All of a sudden, the score was 14-13, game point for East Greenwich on Lincoln’s serve, so it was still anyone’s game. With a nice pass from Jess Caterson to setter Jules Abella, middle hitter Courtney Wegrzyn was able to hit right through Lincoln’s block where none of Lincoln’s defense could dig the ball, winning the game! What a great way for seniors; Jules Abella, Viviann Goulet, Jordan Bean, Hope Votta, Hallie Comer, and Courtney Wegrzyn, to not only end the season, but their high school careers.

Link to the Final Point and interview with Channel 10:


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