Avengers Boys Basketball Extends Winning Streak

By Amanda Dronzek

The EGHS Avengers boys varsity basketball team started off the week by extending their winning streak and beating the Tiverton Tigers 52-44. The Avengers took a quick lead after #24, Mason Minghella’s layup. With a full court press and strong defense, the Avengers racked up another 8 points to add to their lead making the score 10-2. With exceptional rebounding, EG was able to keep the lead throughout most of the first half until the 6:26 mark where Tiverton cut the lead to 5 points and shortly after took the lead. With a few minutes left in the half, the center for East Greenwich #25, James Harwood, was able to come up big with a 3 point shot to regain a steady lead. With another short jumper by #33, Danny Prior, the Avengers brought the score up to 19-15 with 3:48 left. With 3:11 in the half Tiverton shot another 3 pointer to take back the lead. With the Tigers beginning to extend the lead, the Avengers remained focused and took the lead back after a 3 point shot from EG’s #2, Jack McMullen. By then, it was 22-20 East Greenwich with 1:37 in the half. By the end of the first half of the game, the Avengers lead 24-20.

East Greenwich began the second half strong with a 3 point shot from Danny Prior to tie the game. Tiverton quickly took back the lead with a 3 pointer from #4 Luke DelDeo. At the 10 minute mark, the Avengers were winning 31-30 which James Harwood quickly made 34-30 to extend the lead. With less than 7 minutes left, the battle continued as EG went back and forth down the court, Tiverton not far behind. With the Tigers only one point behind, the Avengers went back to a full court press to keep the offense back. With 5:45 left, EG made two swift back-to-back layups to give the Avengers some cushion heading into the final minutes of the game. With the score at 40-35, Tiverton looked for a way to take back the lead but were outmatched as Danny Prior hit a 3 pointer off the glass. With a 10 point lead and less than 2 minutes left, the Avengers led 48-40. Tiverton’s #5, Ryan Ennis sliced the lead to 4 after hitting a 3 pointer with one last opportunity to get the win. With less than a minute to go, the Avengers wracked up another 2 points. The Avengers went on to win the game as the Tiverton Tigers fell short by 8 points. The final was 52-44, East Greenwich.