Avengers Boys Basketball Closing Out Regular Season Soon

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The Avengers are currently sitting on a 7-7 record—exactly 500. This was not how they expected the season to go, but they are still battling and plan to make a run in the playoffs. Starting the season off hot at 5-2, the Avengers lost 3 straight games by a 3 point differential against tough opponents. Breakout sophomore Jack McMullen is the current leading scorer for the team, and he’s a big part of the Avengers’ offense. Returning star Patrick Shea has stepped up this year to take a leadership role. The team has a lot of talent but many of the key players on the Varsity team are new to the Varsity level, and the chemistry is still being built. Coach Donnie Bowen has done a great job at bringing in the younger guys to mesh with the older players on the team. Coach knows this team is loaded with talent and he is still working to figure out the best combination.

Unfortunately, the Avengers were plagued with an impactful injury to starting guard Grant Driscoll. Grant was an impact role-player on last year’s team and was moved to a starting role this year. He was out for a little under a month and will really push the Avengers over the wall that they may have been hitting lately.

Grant’s response to returning is, “It feels great to be back because there is nothing worse than being out with an injury and watching your team struggle without you. I can’t wait to be able to support my guys again.” This shows his excitement to get back on the court and help the Avengers make a playoff push.

The basketball team will be celebrating their senior night on Tuesday, February 12th against West Warwick High School. West Warwick currently has a 7-6 record and will be a challenging matchup for the Avengers. There are currently five seniors on the Avengers’ team: Sam Lewin, Johnny Anderson, Ravi Somvanshi, David Norton, and John Anderson. All five are an important part of the team and will be missed for next year. They have been playing basketball together for many years and the relationships that have been built through basketball are very special to all of the seniors.

When David Norton was asked about his experience on the team, he said, “This team will always have a special place in my heart because of all the different personalities and the ongoing fun that everyone has on a day to day basis.”

This team is really hoping to make a dent when they make a playoff run, and if everything is clicking when they are playing, they can also be a very dangerous team. Good luck to the Avengers as they look to close out their season on a high note.