Ava Lanfredi: Senior Story

By Mary Murphy

Ava Lanfredi, a Senior at EG High School, is a well-rounded individual. She plays multiple sports, is involved in many extracurricular activities, and cares deeply about her academic studies. She is Class Council Vice President for her Sophomore and Junior years. She helped to lead her class through the school year.

When not in school, Ava is actively involved in sports both in and out of school. She played basketball on the varsity team during her Freshman year, but her biggest passion is playing soccer. Ava Lanfredi plans to play soccer in college and has accepted a scholarship at Hofstra University in New York to play Division 1 soccer. This fulfilled one of Ava’s biggest goals.

“I always had a dream to play college soccer, ” explained Ava, “and I would put extreme amounts of effort into everything I did in order to achieve my goal. Whether it was practice, a game, or just playing in my backyard, I was always motivated to achieve my dream.”

Ava Lanfredi’s relentless drive and determination that she carries through all aspects of her life have helped tremendously to achieve her countless accomplishments.

Lanfredi states, “That same motivation carried over to whatever I did and I always made sure to work hard in school and life in general.” Along with her successes throughout high school, Ava has also gained countless everlasting memories and experiences. Ava recalls some of her favorite memories at East Greenwich High School, including football games, Homecoming and her class winning Airband this year. Ava Lanfredi has achieved so much at such a young age and she will continue to do so as she ventures through a new chapter in her life at Hofstra University and beyond.