ASAPP’s New Mental Health Hotline

By Ana Chelidze

We all know that in an emergency we have to call 911, it’s been drilled into us from a very young age. And for a different kind of emergency? There’s the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (800-270-8255). But what about an emergency that isn’t quite so urgent? 

ASAPP stands for Assess, Seek, Action, Proceed, Prevent. As a group, they work for racial equality, education reform, and LGBTQ+ issues. But most importantly, they work to address mental health issues. Mental health is a real issue, especially for kids our age, and our peers at ASAPP have worked to create a hotline where you can “reach out anonymously with any issue you’re facing to be connected to mental health resources.” They also offer to connect you with local professionals, or even members of their own team if you just need someone to talk to. 

The site can be found at Use it if you need it 🙂

If you have any follow up questions, you can email or call Bob Houghtaling at 401-230-2246.

Ana Chelidze

Ana is currently a junior, graduating in 2022. Her favorite book is The Call Of The Wild, and she loves writing about the teachers and curriculum changes because knowing the faculty and staff and how much effort they put into our education is important to her.

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