Around the School: Wednesday Advisory 5/19

Things are happening around the school everyday— Check out what some of our classmate were up to in Advisory:

Junior Clyde Kelly snacks on a granola bar and ritz crackers during his APUSH exam. He didn’t think his day could get worse until he saw us 🙂
Ms. Zigler lounges in the school courtyard. She recently heard news that she will be attending the rehearsal dinner of her friend’s wedding and is ecstatic to go.
“Sophomore Summer” Airband practice 🙂
Sophomores Emmet Bassen-Alexander, Samantha Baker, Sudishma Acharya, Nate Benfeito, Matthew Cosgrove, and Geoffrey Aptt, along with freshman Chen Liu, play game pigeon on their phones. (Samantha is currently winning the pool match.)
Sophomores Kaitlyn Dow and Sydney Olsen on their way to the courtyard for advisory.
Emma Cham and Lauren Reikrud sitting together in the library.
A peek into Mr Decubellis’s advisory class, hard at work!
Junior Kian Bijari and freshman Kian Sutherland bond over their shared name.
Senior Aiza Shaikh makes paper kiwi decorations in the library.
Juniors Michaela Shunney and Sydney King just back from recording their podcast Melodrama (you can listen on the EG Spotify account, ASAPP instagram, or EG Academy Foundation).

Check back in next week to see more updates around the school (maybe you’ll be featured next!)

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Ana Chelidze

Ana is currently a junior, graduating in 2022. Her favorite book is The Call Of The Wild, and she loves writing about the teachers and curriculum changes because knowing the faculty and staff and how much effort they put into our education is important to her.