April (Snow?) Showers

Emma MacDonald:


Mild, sunny days and budding flowers typically welcome the month of April. Many students spend their weekends spring shopping – searching for new shorts and light shirts to accommodate the warmer weather. However, Mother Nature seems to have mistaken the time of year, leaving us digging out the snow boots and donning the winter jackets.

These past few days, we have all experienced a heart-breaking feeling: waking up to frosty window panes and blizzard gales. What should be peaceful, warm rain, is icy snow as the temperatures plummet below freezing. On Monday, April 4th, about 6 inches of snow halted all afternoon activities. Practices were cancelled, and games were postponed, an unlikely outcome for spring sports, even though it’s just the beginning of the season. It felt like January with monster sized snowflakes blowing through the air, and the streets covered in slush. Though the snow may cease to fall, temperatures for the next few days look to be on the chilly side, reaching highs between 35 and 45 degrees.

Perhaps it is just our luck, as we missed out on a particularly cold and snowy season this year, with December temperatures soaring into the 50s. It seems that our hardest snow did not arrive in the winter, but the early stages of spring. Hopefully, this is the last hurrah, and warm afternoons filled with the smells of tulips and green grass are not too far off in the future.

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