April Fools!

By Aiza Shaikh

April Fools’ Day is the one day of the year when we can prank people all we want, without them getting too upset. Well, that is, if the pranks are light and not taken too far. Looking for some April Fools’ ideas that are both funny and friendly? Scroll down to see the top 5!

  1. Push door or pull door?

Find a door that has a “Push” sign on it and replace it with a “Pull” sign (or vice versa). This will confuse everyone who uses the door. If you want this prank to trick a lot of people, make sure to use popular doors that are used by a lot of people!

  1. Blue milk

Add some drops of blue (or any other crazy color) food coloring to a bottle of milk! (The more drops of food coloring you add, the darker the color will be!) This trick will wake up anyone trying to make their cereal or glass of milk in the morning.

  1. This isn’t sugar!

Here’s a classic: replace the sugar bowl with salt. The victim(s) won’t be able to tell the difference just by seeing it, but they sure will when they taste it! This is perfect for someone who loves using sugar in their morning coffee or tea.

  1. Fake bugs

Before you do this one, make sure there isn’t anyone around that has a huge fear of insects. Then, buy some plastic bugs (spiders, beetles, bees, etc.) and place them in places that your victims will definitely notice. Some good places at school are desks, shoes, backpacks, and phones.

  1. Fake bugs’ shadows

This one also involves bugs, but it’s even funnier. Get some black construction paper and cut out shapes of really big insects. Next, get some tape and stick the pieces of paper onto the inside of a nearby lamp. When the light is turned on, the pieces of paper will look exactly like shadows of real bugs!

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