Air Band Update

by Emily Clarke

Air Band is just around the corner and classes are beginning to solidify plans for their acts. Last year, Air Band was postponed to the spring, but will be back to “normal” this year and will return to taking place in the fall. For those who don’t know what Air Band is, it’s a tradition here at East Greenwich High School where classes compete by lip syncing to popular songs that fit into their classes theme. 

Seniors are planning a “Senior Superhero” act. Senior class president, Hope Gee said “Throughout our Air Band career we have had the highest-scoring freshman act, we won second place as sophomores, and then first place as juniors. So we have no other motif this year than to bring home another dub.” 

The seniors have decided to keep their plans under wraps for the time being, but audience members will have no reason to expect anything short of greatness. “Our act this year is Senior Superheroes and we are so excited to perform our greatest act yet!” 

Juniors have decided on a Disney theme. 

“Disney has been an essential part of all of our childhoods and we can’t wait to show our rendition of it. We plan on performing some of our favorite moments from well known Disney movies and tv shows,” says Junior class council member Jack Simpson. 

Last year, many students in the class of 2023 did not participate, but this year we can expect just the opposite. 

“For us, Air Band is a way to bring the grade together as it provides something to connect over,” Simpson explained, “The after school practices, the energy put into learning the dances, and the jitters right before you go on, are all a part of the things that make Air Band so great!”

The Sophomores are planning a “Sophomore Celebrities” act. The class plans to dress up as celebrities from the past and present while dancing along to popular songs. 

Class president Margaret Neville says, “You can expect smiles and excitement on our stage during our act. As for the class, everyone is excited and ready to show the rest of the East Greenwich community our voice.” 

The Freshman class has planned a “Festive Freshman” Act. Freshman students will be dressing up in festive holiday costumes and taking you through a holiday celebration. The ninth graders are excited to make their debut at Air Band and can’t wait to perform an up-beat show that makes everyone want to get into the holiday spirit!

Air Band draws the school together and unites the student body. By putting on fun and upbeat shows, the Avenger community is drawn together. Air Band has given students a chance to become closer with their peers and unify their class. This year, we hope to see that unity return to the high school.