Airband 2018

by Yehia Kader

Whether on stage, watching, or cheering, everyone who attended this year’s Airband left with the same thought on their mind: What a night! After weeks of hard work, planning, and staying after school, each grade and club’s performance got their much deserved standing ovations. The show was hosted by Delaney Kelley, Abbey McMullen, and Ari Vilker, an entertaining and lively group of students who brought an extra something to the already exhilarating night. Even with the exciting and incredible performances, the show simply could not have gone on without our hosts.

The first group to set foot on the stage was the Best Buddies club! Through their smiles, laughter, and dancing, they preached their message to everyone: We find our friends in each other every day. Almost the entire audience was on their feet during the entirety of the performance. Setting the bar high, the best buddies act started off the night with a happy and upbeat feeling

Up next was the Class of 2022, the Freshmen! They found themselves stuck traveling back and forth between the 80s and 2018. While traveling around in the past, songs like “Don’t Stop Believin,” “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and “The Time of My Life” got everyone singing along to their favorite songs. The spirit and creativity of this act were performed better than anyone could have expected. Luckily, the Freshmen made it back to 2018 just in time for the next act, the field hockey team!

The field hockey team came together to create an incredible performance that everyone enjoyed. Britney Spears, Ariana Grande, and Taylor Swift were just some of the female pop icons that made an appearance. Filled with undeniable energy, these girls dominated the stage, portraying many different pop stars that we all know. After the field hockey girls were done rocking the stage, it was time for the Sophomores!

One of the most fun and wild performances of the night, the Sophomores brought Nickelodeon to life. Whether it was Spongebob Squarepants, iCarly, or Drake and Josh, your favorite childhood show made it to the stage with in this act. Through creative choreography and brightly colored costumes, the Sophomores gave it their all and got the audience up and dancing with them.

Following the tenth graders was one of the classics. Back once again to bring laughs among everyone, was Frankie & Munez! This year, the group of boys managed to stay a fan favorite with their combination of comedy and lip-syncing music to get everybody smiling. They left the stage with tremendous applause and cheering.

After Frankie & Munez, the Juniors came by to pick us up in their van for a road trip! While on the road, we were jamming along to songs like “Party in the U.S.A,” “A Sky Full of Stars,” and of course “Bohemian Rhapsody.” The act wouldn’t have been complete without an amazing crew of performers bringing everyone together on a musical journey. They even brought down the disco ball!

After the Juniors drove off stage, the Drama Club gave us a sneak peek to their upcoming show: Newsies! A group of talented actors hopped on the stage and showed us that they meant business. Their performance was outstanding and highlighted every single person’s talent. The Drama Club also just performed their annual Cabaret, which was a huge success. With Airband, Cabaret, and their upcoming show, Newsies, they managed to still create an amazing act for Airband.

Lastly, but definitely not least, the Seniors dominated the stage. The Seniors took us with them on their long quest to take their thrones as the kings and queens of the school. Starting from way back in Meadowbrook, they slayed dragons, saved princesses, and defied obstacles until they finally reached the top. Everyone watching was filled with nostalgia, remembering their own beginnings and childhood memories. After the Seniors finished, they received a giant, well-deserved standing ovation. The judges deliberated, and after a short break, chose the winners. The winner of best group act was the Drama Club, and the best class act was none other than the Seniors! This year’s Airband brought our school together once again, but no one was surprised. At EGHS, things are as usual: another year, another unforgettable experience.

Photos of the event and each act can be found here.

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