A Year in Review

by Aiza Shaikh

It’s that time of year again! School for the 2018-2019 term is finally coming to an end. In just a few more weeks, it’ll be summer vacation. For some, this year may have been the worst, while for others, the best. As a sophomore, I feel this year was a mix of both. Here are a few things that were special about this school year:

A Lot More Homework

I’d have to say the amount of homework was most surprising to me. Although I expected I’d get more homework this year than freshman year, I didn’t realize it would be so much more. Overall, most of my homework was for Honors classes. If you’re taking any Honors classes, you’ll probably be doing the most work in those. The best way to deal with this and avoid stress is making sure to set aside time for homework but also letting yourself have some breaks. What worked for me was keeping an agenda. I was able to keep all my assignments organized and cross them out when I finished them, which is a great feeling. As long as you keep some sort of schedule, whether it be on paper or in your head, you’ll be just fine.

The Humanities Experience

This was one of my favorite things about sophomore year. Humanities is a combination of what you learn in English and in Social Studies. So while you’re learning about what happened during the French Revolution in Social Studies, you’ll be analyzing paintings from that time period at the same time. This way, you can work on projects and assignments that involve both classes. One major Humanities project is the annual World War I Debate. The Debate involves the whole sophomore class, which is split up into five countries: Austria-Hungary, France, Great Britain, Germany, and Russia. You and the other members of your country spend the entire month learning, researching, discussing, and decorating in attempts to win the Debate. Even if you don’t win, the overall experience is very fun and something to look forward to!

More Discussions

Another thing I noticed about sophomore year is that there are a lot more opportunities for discussion and debate. During freshman year, we only had discussions every once in a while in English class. But this year, we got to discuss more often, and in both English and Social Studies. Plus, the topics were really diverse, ranging from analyzing stories to debating causes of wars.

Overall, I enjoyed sophomore year more than freshman year. Of course, the content gets harder and the work piles up, but the style of classes and what you learn are even more interesting. In my opinion, this year has been the most exciting and action-packed yet!