A Legacy of Giving: Princess Diana

By Alana Modi

We are all living in a world that supports conventional stereotypes, keeping them strong and prominent in society. Some venture into the darkness and decide to break the cycle that revolves around opinions we guide by our own hands. Some break the cycle but are only remembered for doing so after they pass, leaving behind a new tradition that shapes the world as we know. Monarchs are those who seem to reign in a monotone way, continuing a legacy and only arising with quick solutions that will never heal the wounds we have created as species of this planet. They reign and follow the expectations already provided to them. Many royals may fear the change they bring, while others embrace the power given to them, breaking the stereotypes forced onto them. 

Princess Diana was the first of many so-called “commoners” to make her name the royal throne. She stood up and tore down the symbols of tradition and honor in the royal family. She paved a path made of steel replacing one of perfect gold. She dominated the world; from her clothing to her charity work, she stunned nations of people. Common people were untouched by the monarchs before the entrance of Princess Diana. She closed the gap between the reality and the fantasy surrounding royal life. She helped humanize the royals, and broke the standards that even she had to follow as part of the family. People were inspired, arisen, and serenaded by her presence that ensured that everyone was accounted for. 

Princess Diana was a symbol of charity devoting every second of her life, even until her last breath, giving to the world and its people who could not be more grateful for every step she took. Those in the shadows emerged and those suffering found hope in the hazy fog that blinded the roads. She was a princess who took on even the most delicate of topics like the AIDS crisis in 1987, raising awareness but also making something out of the awareness she uncovered. Many talk of the greatness they can create, but it is those who make something out of the greatness obliviously who are the ones who will be remembered forever. 

Today it is the modernized royal family that carries on Princess Diana’s legacy with Prince Harry and William, her sons, focusing their time and energy to the public, a lesson their mother always engraved in them. Her tragic death was felt by them, but it also affected those all around the world who had been guided by her in so many positive ways. Princess Diana was always a princess but more importantly a giver, not consumed by her title and grounded herself through her short but generous life. Both William and Harry also went on to marry “commoners” and extend the royal blood, only helping to spread their mothers’ message and make something out of their title. Princess Diana was the center of so much and she continues to change the world with the philosophies she left behind.

Alana Modi

Alana is a freshman, graduating in 2024. Her favorite book is Out of My Mind, and she likes writing about people’s personal ideas and opinions on things and interviewing them to get their scoop on various topics. Alana believes it is important to see other perspectives and grow from other's ideas and experiences.