A Focus On Making Things Flow

Everything in this universe has an origin and perhaps, if we come a little closer, search a little deeper, we may hear each of them whisper their stories to us. Unfortunately, these stories of their origins are buried by the chaos erupting in the world. As a society, we are so occupied with this race against the clock that we often overlook everything around us. Like a flower’s first blooming, the little things are nothing more exciting than the clouds’ convergence on a rainy day. Even smaller things such as acts of courage, which many are praised upon by many, are frequently missed. However, no matter how significant or trivial, everything has a story of their origin and how they molded into what they are today. So where does courage come from? Does it emerge from the density of air, allowing it to become thing enough that we can easily inhale it in, barely breaking a sweat? Or does it rise from the clay, terribly thick and strangling if it were ever to be inhaled? Courage is neither. It belongs to much more complexity than that. As it is thin enough to sift through the air, yet just thick enough that one cannot take it in easily, courage lies in the goldilocks zone, winning the best of both worlds. 

From the day we enter this world to the day we leave it, we experience courage firsthand. Such as a child’s earliest steps, the first of their many to come, standing up for one’s beliefs, even when no one stands beside you. Over the course of this school year, I have learned that when we see courage, is not as important as where we see it. Courage is not within making a speech, performing the main act, or exploring the unknown, instead, it is in the little things that we see the most innocent of courage. Such as raising one’s hand in class, speaking a little louder, or even putting on a bright smile even on the darkest of days: To step outside of one’s comfort zone and take down the barrier that has been raised for so long and finally see the world in their own set of eyes. Although these small actions are done on a daily basis, they almost always go unnoticed, which makes it an even more admirable achievement, as there is nothing more admirable than pure courage.

Courage may appear to be a trophy or medal that you can win and proudly display on a shelf. However, in reality, it is a lightbulb you need to turn on. This task, as simple as it may seem, is not for the faint of heart. It is a task that requires getting right back to connecting wires, after getting electrocuted multiple times, only to realize that the wires were paired incorrectly. It is a responsibility that requires not only physical but also mental strength. Each time a lightbulb is turned on, the room gets brighter. Each time sparks of light burst in the room, allowing it to retain more brightness, the picture becomes clearer. However, one should keep in mind that no one will ever see the complete picture because courage is a journey that continues eternally. This unfinished picture in a room is locked deep inside one’s mind, obscured by solely the dark, and once one discovers their unique approach when it comes to turning on their lightbulb, only then one should be capable of achieving courage and overcoming their greatest fears.