2021 Predictions

By Maria Bianco

At the start of 2020, no one could have guessed all the crazy things that went down. Who could have imagined the limbo nightmare we all just lived through? At the start of that year, many thought it would be the best year, because 2020, you know? The symmetry, the start of a new decade, election year, all the holidays falling on the weekend, it seemed like a good start. What did you think 2020 was going to be like? There was an interview done by Keep It 100, asking just that question. At the beginning of the year, they asked 100 people to predict 2020. Some answers were wild, and some possible, most completely the opposite of how the year turned out. So I am here with my own version, a 2021 prediction list. Some of these I hope will come true, most probably won’t. It’s just for fun really, to show that really anything is possible after 2020. Here is how I think this year will play out, loosely based on astrology, random quotes I find, and the Instagram account @freshnostalgiia.

  1.  “2021 will probably start off kind of rocky, but the overall mood for the year is a lot more uplifting than 2020. 2020 was the end of an era, while 2021 is the beginning of a new one.” NY-based astrologer Alice Bell
  2.  It will be more common to find online workplaces and schooling than actual buildings.
  3.  Summer 2021 will feel very freeing and almost ‘normal’.
  4.  The Biden Administration will be in office and working hard.
  5.  “I am hopeful that we can remember that we are all on the same side in the bigger picture. I am hopeful we will stop using such extreme and hateful rhetoric to describe people we don’t agree with.” — Matthew Hirvela, 55, Plymouth, Mich.
  6. Finally we will all be able to give a big exhale.
  7. There will be a widespread vaccine available to all.
  8.  We will find the way through a black-hole and back.
  9.  People will finally begin to realize how a massive change needs to be made towards the way we treat our earth.
  10. Everyone will get to bed earlier. 
  11.  A new invention will revolutionize the plastic industry, a new product that is completely compostable and just as durable. 
  12.  Snapchat will go back to its original layout, as will Instagram.
  13. There will be another major lockdown before 2022.
  14. There will be a bigger appreciation for unconventional body types.
  15. You will get to hug your mom tomorrow.
  16.  LOW RISE JEANS WILL come back in style
  17.  A new band will come to a stardome that is big enough to rival the Beatles.
  18.  There will be more themed parties- think Great Gatsby! 
  19.  More people will look at the stars. 
  20.  A tv series of the Percy Jason series will be put into production.
  21.  will be better than 2020. 

Feel free to write to the Spectrum with any possibilities you think might happen in 2021, and at the end of the year we can review and see how close or far off all of our predictions were! Happy New Year everyone! Lets make #21 on my list come true. 

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Maria Bianco

Maria is currently a Sophomore, graduating in 2023. Her favorite books are I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson, The Wind In The Willows by Kenneth Grahame, and The Dog Stars by Peter Heller. She leads the photography team for Spectrum!

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