2021 Football Season Follow Up

By Amanda Dronzek

In a valiant effort for the Division 1 Super Bowl Championship, the East Greenwich Avengers came up just short to the Central High School Knights, who took home a huge win from Cranston Stadium last Saturday. Coming back from a score of 13-6 by halftime, EG went and scored their second touchdown of the night to give them a chance to win in their first year playing in a higher division. In an attempted 2 point conversion, senior Jack McMullen came up just inches from the goal line, the final 13-12. In 2019, the team came into very similar circumstances during the playoffs with a game that came down to the wire. Head coach, John George, went for the 2 point conversion, McMullen with the ball. Falling short of the goal line, EG’s season ended. A sense of deja vu flowed over Cranston on the 8th of May, but nonetheless the Avengers had gone further than anticipated and went down fighting.

From the get go, the 2021 season was unknown for players and coaches, given the conditions provided by COVID. The team lost a crucial year for development in 2020, and as junior Chad Coppola put it, “We didn’t have high expectations for ourselves. Just finishing the year at a championship on Saturday was very gratifying even though it didn’t go the way we wanted it to.” Being able to get back onto the field was enough for the boys to make the season memorable. Owen Drolet, another junior, also added that the team believed every game was going to be a blowout until the season went underway. “We ended up realizing we could compete with every team on our schedule.”

Coming into D1 after almost 2 years without football meant a year of reevaluating the program and hoping for the best. However, the Avengers showed up and gave their all to prepare for the season and give themselves an opportunity to go all the way. Making improvements individually and as a team, the boys climbed their way up to the championship as the underdogs in their division. “I think I took steps to become a better all around football player and this loss really only makes me want next season to come faster,” Coppola remarked. “The main thing I took away from this year was the brotherhood that the team has built. We all bought into this team and it ended up taking us to the championship game,” Drolet said. Fueled by their overall success as a team, the Avengers are looking forward to the fall of 2022, with a team ready for another run at the Super Bowl.

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