2019 EGHS Talent Show

by Hope Gee & Sara Gomez

The first night of the notorious EGHS Talent Show featured a wide array of performances. From original songs, to contorting on silks, the audience was immersed in a world of talent. Throughout the evening the hosts threw in many corny jokes and small skits to introduce each act. So to kick everything off Hannah Slaiby, Amy Yang, Elizabeth Amelotte, Elora Roy, Lindsey Vican, & Ross Simeral performed An Even Better Disney Pixar Medley, sending everyone back to their childhood. The nostalgic assortment really set the mood for the acts to come. Next came the all unique, 6 People 1 Guitarfeaturing six talented friends (Caleb Gupta, Petranea Smith, Samantha Caterson, Sophie Johnson, Josh Petteruti & Annie Liu) strumming, snapping, knocking, and singing along to the tune “Somebody That I Used to Know” by Gotye. Following this act were three dances of all different styles. With Bella Cowman dancing along to Isabella Disanto’s powerful vocals singing “Rise Up,” to the the Brusini sisters stepping along to “Blackbird,” to Riya Sen and Kavani Girish with a dance rendition to “Nainowale Ne.Although, caught in between these acts were Joe Kulik & Dan Sun performing the famous Drake & Josh Treehouse scene. Almost everyone in the audience let out a laugh as the boys perfectly portrayed their characters. However, it wouldn’t be a high school talent show without a few mishaps. Jack Eustis ran into some technical difficulties before performing Voodoo Doll,” but kept the audience entertained as they continued to erupt into fits of clapping. Instrumental and musical acts were very present in the first act, as Annie Liu serenaded the audience with “The Lark” and Catherine Zarella livened the stage while performing “Stupid With Love. Lady Gaga was featured twice with Mia Hernandez singing “Million Reasons” and Ally Carlsten & Jack Larson belting “Shallow.” But before Rolling into intermission Ben Mason, Joe Kulik, Sophie Speca, Jackson “Rivers Cuomo” & James Giarrusso ended with a very eccentric and energetic “Buddy Holly.

Sophie Johnson, Annie Liu, Petranea Smith, Caleb Gupta, Samantha Caterson, and Josh Peterutti, from left to right

After a few minutes, intermission had adjourned and everyone came rushing back to find their seats. Opening the show back up was Lily Mollicone dancing to “King of the Clouds,” followed by Emmy Nutting, Ella Saint & Sophie Brusini with their original song “Unemployment. Which featured many of the inside jokes made along the way of EGHS’ production of Newsies. Next on stage was Sam Caterson, Sarah Brusini, and Anni Liu performing “Barking at the Moon.” Which was popularized by the movie Bolt and sent many students back to their childhood. The second act also featured some powerful and evoking dancing by Delaney Kelly (“Bruises”) and Jessie Imbriglio (“Always Remember Us This Way”). Ella Corrao came out with a melodic performance of “Dying in L.A.” and Ross Simeral with a Euphonious staging of “Happiness.” To finish off the night with a bang, there were three standout performances. Olivia Casper brought her own unique skills by dancing on the silks, in a never before seen act. Jack Larson and Jackson Morin had everyone’s cell phone flashlights swaying to the humorous (and very talented) “Man or a Muppet.” Last but certainly not least came Sophie Speca, Annie Liu, Kayla So, Caleb Gupta, & Kurt Dambek colorfully presenting the Neon Bees.

The first night was full of surprises, corny jokes, but most importantly it was filled with talent. The audience was kept at the edge of their seats waiting for what might waltz it’s way onto stage next. There was never a dull moment and with all the awards announced, it was hard not to be proud.

Hosted by the East Greenwich High School Drama Club, the second night of the talent show featured incredible talent. The show was hosted by Annie Liu, Dan Sun, and Samantha Caterson. All three of them had great chemistry and were very entertaining, keeping the audience engaged the whole night. All of the students in the show brought unique talent and abilities to the stage and the show did not disappoint. Some standout acts included Gema Santizo singing “Imagine.” The second act of the night, Gema started the show with a strong performance showcasing her beautiful voice. The night continued on and an act titled “Cell Block Tango” was next to take the stage. It featured the singing and dancing of Jack Larson, Patrick Shenefield, Matt Tactacan, Ross Simeral, Jackson Morin, and Dan Sun. All six boys brought talent to the stage, creating an act that was most definitely a fan favorite. The act had been performed prior at Cabaret, but it did not disappoint the second time around. Ariel Finkle provided the comic relief for the night. Her act, which poked fun at many of the “classic” talent show songs, was very popular with the audience and she kept the crowd laughing all the way through her performance. Stasha Roskowski and Patrick Shenefield were the next standout act. The two dancers tapped along to La La Land’s “A Lovely Night.” Their act was mesmerizing and a definite favorite of the night. Many acts followed, featuring singers and some standouts include Alexa Warren singing “With You,” “Look What I Found” sung by Petranea Smith, and Kyla Chan singing “To Have a Good Time.” The final act of the show was a instrumental performance titled “Back Row Homies.” The song was played by Griffin Gee, Sam DeLong, Molly Snyder, Mr. Carniaux, and alumni Cole Campbell. The act was a great way to end off the night filled with talented performances, all from students at East Greenwich High School.

Sam DeLong, Griffin Gee, Molly Snyder, Mr. Carniaux, and Cole Campbell (from left to right)

In addition to the entertaining acts, the show featured a small awards ceremony in which three students received the Jim Metcalf Drama Award—named after Jim Metcalf, who was an educator at East Greenwich High School for about forty years. He was the drama teacher at the school when Debra Messing, an actress best known for Will & Grace, attended. This past year, Debra publicly thanked Metcalf for believing in her dream and pushing her to pursue it. Petranea Smith, Patrick Shenefield, and Ally Carlsten all received the award in his name. All three students are graduating seniors who have devoted all four years to drama club here at EGHS.

Mr. Petrucci and Mr. Carniaux presenting one of several awards

The talent was also broken up by a heartwarming promposal. One of the participants received a wonderful surprise when her boyfriend asked her to join him at prom this upcoming spring. Four of the hosts friends joined her boyfriend on stage and they all celebrated their friend for all the hard work she had put into the drama club. Each of her friends turned their respective papers around and spelled out “Prom?” The audience, of course, cheered with excitement for the two seniors. Overall, the East Greenwich High School Talent Show was a definite hit. From promposals to standout singers, the show did not disappoint.