And the Winner is…

by Sophie Johnson


This week, a representative of our very own EGHS Spectrum had the opportunity to speak to the winner of the 2018 Spoon Game. (Make sure to see video at the bottom.) A series of questions exposed just how spoonfully skilled 2018 winner Quinton Mason is:  


Who did you get out over the course of the spoon game?

Ashley Smith, Hannah Slaiby, Connor Raymond, Josh Fazio, and Kathleen Casey. This year I didn’t really try to get people out, I was just focused on keeping my spoon in my hand.


How did you get them out?

I actually got Ashley and Hannah out in the same lunch. I sat at her table and talked to Pat Shenefield until she put down her spoon to take a bite out of her sandwich. Harry Chace and I teamed up to get Connor. I got Josh out because he broke our truce. As for Kathleen, I just saw her without her spoon and walked over.


What was your sneakiest trick of tagging someone?

Harry and I were at Ultimate on a Sunday when it was during the bottle phase. Everyone on the ultimate team had a truce to not get each other during ‘practice’. We saw Connor at the skatepark in the parking lot (not technically in the parking lot according to Zing). Harry and I grabbed our bottles and drove up Avenger in my car. There’s an area you can get off in the middle of Avenger made for service vehicles. We went in there and now only a couple yards of brush divided us and Connor. We quasi-army crawled through carrying our bottles. We decided that I would chase after him. (His botte was on his car in the parking lot.) I ran up to him, but he heard me when I was a few feet away and booked it. He had much better traction in his skate shoes than I did in my cleats. He ran away from me into the woods right where Harry was laying on the ground. Harry then got him very easily!


What was the closest you came to getting out?

Right after the bell rang for lunch, while in AP Macro, Josh tried to break our truce and get me out. He sits two rows away however, and I heard him before he could get to me. I then got him out 5 minutes later at lunch.


What is one piece of advice you have to succeed in the spoon game?

It’s not about getting others out. My number one tip is just to make sure you are safe and keep your spoon, bottle, etc in your hand. I had several truces throughout the course of the game that made social situations much less stressful. Know who you can trust as well.


What is your favorite part about the spoon game?

Never getting out throughout my two years playing the game.


What is your least favorite part about the spoon game?

During my junior year there were some disagreements in my friend group for a little bit because of breaking a truce while hanging out at a friend’s house.


Did you ever get any funny weird looks or questions about why you were carrying a spoon or bottle in public?

Not during the spoon phase. I did get a lot of questions from some waiters at restaurants as to why I casually had a duct taped bottle on the table.


Well a huge congrats goes out to this year’s Spoon Game winner Quinton Mason. Hopefully EGHS can witness more success with the Spoon Game in the upcoming years. Study up for next year and happy Spoon Gaming!


See some footage of this year’s Spoon Olympiad below, including the moment Quinton won: