1 Question, 10 Answers: Avengers Endgame

By Sara Gomez & Ella Ditraglia


The release of Avengers Endgame left the country in a collective state of shock. Our school, East Greenwich High School, was no exception. When beloved characters like Black Widow and Iron Man died, the school grieved together. When favorited characters like Antman and Spiderman made returns, we rejoiced. When asked their reaction to the blockbuster movie, most of the students commented on the fact that they did not leave with dry eyes. In the words of Lola Verret, “I loved it. I cried a lot, but it was really good. And I love Spiderman.” Anna DeCesare and Evie Clement also commented on how sad the movie was and the tears they shed throughout the movie. Georgia Wood got right to the point and simply said: “It was sad, but it was good.”

A lot of kids interviewed held mixed feelings about Endgame, including Colin Fain who said, “It was sad that Iron Man died. And also it was sad that Captain America was old.” Amelia Gaffney had mixed feelings like Colin and she commented on how she did not really like some aspects of the movie, but thought the whole film came together well. Andrew Guerzon shared similar views. He told us, “The beginning was good. The middle was eh. The ending was good.” Hope Gee took the time to outline what she liked, what she didn’t, and what she would do if she watched it again. “If I watched it again, I would just skip to the climax, but it was really good. It took me through a whole course emotions. I cried for the entire last 20 minutes. It was really good and there was some moments other people didn’t catch on but if you know Marvel, you got it.”

Many kids have been following the MCU since the first Iron Man movie in 2008, and they knew that movie was going to be long, and definitely sad. After all, it’s hard to wrap up eleven years of plot in one movie, so it was almost guaranteed to drag a little. The makings of such a ending do not boil down to a short period of time and because of the weight Endgame held, the movie was about three hours long – three hours and two minutes if you ask Avenger junkies. A few of the students we interviewed explained how they could not stay interested in the story for the entirety of the film. Chloe Euston said this about her experience, “I didn’t understand it, I was sick of it after the first hour, and I was falling asleep during it and I only went for popcorn and candy.” Emily Golding shared the same sentiment about the movie length and said, “Endgame was not the best movie I’ve ever seen and I fell asleep. It was way too long.” Whether you loved it or fell asleep after an hour, it cannot be refuted that Endgame left its mark across the world. Within the first week, the movie broke the global box office record in opening gross total, after making roughly $644 million within the first week. Everyone and their mother drove to the nearest cinema to tune into the program and the country all took a break from social media to ensure they would not hear any spoilers. Endgame will very likely leave behind a legacy that is not unlike popular past movies, such as Dirty Dancing and Titanic. Endgame is definitely a cinematic event for the books, and we think the cast, crew, and fans did an amazing job both supporting and making it.

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